The Joneses’ things are just things

What “We fools and our money” is about (chapter intro):

There is an army of enemies out there who are trying to prevent us from working toward our goals and achieving our dreams. Why? Because they instead want us to help them achieve their dreams.

You’re probably wondering, “Who are ‘they’ and why are they being so mean?” Well, “they” are anyone and everyone who is trying to sell us something, which gets in the way of us pursuing our dreams.

Now obviously we need many things in our lives; food, water, and shelter come to mind. We even need things from others in order to achieve our own dreams. There is nothing inherently wrong with other people wanting us to give them our time, attention, and money. That is their dream, after all. If it didn’t work like that, well, I think the Earth would actually stop rotating. It’s what makes this world go ‘round.

But the jig is up when it comes to all the crap they are selling us and the methods they use to do so. We hand over our money, time, resources, and focus without even realizing what just happened! Today we get bombarded with advertisements right in the palm of our hand, thousands of times a day. It’s not a fair fight!

But we must give credit where credit is due. They are merely using the ever increasing methods available to them to pitch their wares. The trick is for us to have self-control. Unless we are vigilant, we can, and many of us do, easily succumb to everyone trying to achieve their dreams at our expense.

Yes, we are fools with our money because we fail to realize that, among other things, the Joneses things are still just things. But “they” trick us into believing that we need to keep up all the same.

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” ~ Mark Twain