Suffering 50 weeks a year

What “A measly manner of existence” is about (chapter intro):

I can truly relate to that old crooner who sang that he’s been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king. I’ve been a trainer, an “instructional designer,” a writer, and editor. A teacher, a QA guy, and order taker, and a box pusher. A floor buffer, burger flipper, bar back, and busboy. I’ve even been a military man and a Peace Corps hipster with just a few short years in between.

I’m sure that if you have some years under your belt, you too have had a similar run through the jobs/careers gauntlet. Having tried a whole mess of occupations throughout our lives, it can be hard to say what the right path is.

ch6-job career-1

I think one of the keys, however, is to keep trying new things until we find what we love. And with any luck, we’ll also be good at what we love.

The trick is to never get stuck in the rut, or what I disdainfully call “the settling.” You’ll never find a vocation that you’re passionate about by standing still in a job or career that you hate or, at best, “put up with” because you think there is no alternative.

There are always alternatives.

“People are not meant to sit in cubicles all day.” – Peter Gibbons, Office Space